Allied Health Division

You Don't Have To Be A Nurse To Work In A Hospital! Allied Health Collage

Hospitals require teams of support staff to keep medical facilities running smoothly, and many of these fields are only expected to grow.

Whether you re a new student or you want to extend your current career, the programs offered at Madisonville Community College can help you become an asset in the healthcare industry.

The exciting programs listed below are all nationally accredited and offered locally at our MCC Health Sciences Campus. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us today.

Medical Laboratory Technician

Skilled in the performance of clinical laboratory procedures that provide data used by physicians to determine the absence, presence, extent, and cause of diseases.

Paramedic - Emergency Medical Services

Healthcare professionals that work in emergency medical situations using advanced levels of care when responding to medical emergencies and trauma. Paramedics provide the highest level of emergency care outside of the hospital.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Provide service to those individuals whose ability to function in their desired life roles is threatened or impaired by developmental deficits or injury. OTAs' work under the supervision of a licensed Occupational Therapist to provide occupational therapy services to persons of all ages in a variety of settings through the use of everyday life activities for the purpose of participation in life roles. Occupational therapy addresses the physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and other aspects of performance to support engagement in everyday life activities that affect health, well-being, and quality of life.

Physical Therapy Assistant

Provides physical therapy services under the direction and supervision of the Physical Therapist. Implements selected interventions (i.e. various
forms of exercise, ultrasound, heat/cold) designed to improve patient mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or lessen physical disability.


Prepared to expose radiographs, set up equipment, position the patient for examinations, and utilize radiation protection for the patient and self.

Respiratory Care

Administer diagnostic tests and therapies, medicines, gases, and physical techniques to people who have heart and lung problems, provide life support and work as part of a resuscitation team.

Surgical Technologist

Prepare the operating room with instruments, equipment, and all sterile supplies required for surgery, also responsible for passing instruments during surgery, holding retractors, cutting sutures, and counting all instruments, needles, and sponges used.

Surgical First Assistant

Assist the surgeon in the operating room with retracting, sponging, suturing, cauterizing bleeders, and closing and treating wounds.

Biomedical Technology Systems

Prepares students to repair, maintain, test, inspect, and manage a wide variety of medical devices, equipment, and systems utilized in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, and within the home environment.

Please Note:

Prior to clinical experience, those accepted for admission into any Allied Health program must submit:

  • Evidence of receiving Hepatitis B vaccination or process of receiving Hepatitis B vaccine
    • Or signed declination form if student chooses not to receive the Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Evidence of an MMR vaccination or immunity
  • Evidence of a TB screen test
  • Drug screen and criminal background check (purchased through Certified Background)
  • Additional requirements may be requested by individual programs

To learn more about MCC's Healthcare programs please, contact: Cindy Kington @ or 270/824-1750270/824-1750