SSS Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Student Support Services office located?

The Student Support Services office is located in the John H. Gray Building, 3rd floor, Room 341.

What is the Student Support Services program?

Student Support Services is a federally funded TRIO program designed to provide additional academic support for students who have academic need.

What is TRIO?

TRIO is the title for eight federally funded programs. The title was coined by the US Congress to refer to the first three programs established in 1965, 1966, and 1967 (ex: Upward Bound, Education Talent Search, Student Support Services).

What are the services provided by the Student Support Services program?

Some of the services provided by SSS are: academic advising, course selection, tutoring, financial aid planning, faculty mentoring, reading instruction, study skills instruction, math instruction, and major/career advising.

Is there any financial support from the SSS program to SSS participants?

The SSS Director works with the Financial Aid Director to make sure that all the eligible program participants are receiving the full financial support including the federal Pell grant and the state grant. In addition, the SSS program provides Pell grant recipients with financial support from the SSS grant aid scholarships.

How and when can a student apply to the SSS program?

The student must meet with the Director to determine his/her acceptance. Appointments are made August 1 on a first-come, first-serve basis until the program is full. The student must bring the completed SSS application and any other required documentation to the appointment. An application can be obtained in the SSS office or online.

What are the student s responsibilities once accepted?

The student must maintain regular contact with program staff throughout each semester, use tutor and/or labs if assigned to you by an instructor or advisor, follow a prescribed course of study and developmental plan if needed, attend workshops on special topics, and reactivate his/her file each Fall semester to remain a participant.