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Surgical First Assistant Projected Program Cost

PROJECTED COST FOR THE CERTIFICATE OPTION: (Please note, these are projected costs and are subject to change without notice.)

Tuition KYVU On-line courses - $156 per credit hour plus an $8 student fee per credit hour (*current rate as of Fall 2016. May increase without notice. See website for cost information)

1st Semester (Fall) 9 credit hours
2nd Semester (Spring) 6 credit hours
3rd Semester (Summer) 1 credit hour


Textbook (required) - Essentials of Surgery by Becker ISBN: 13 978-0-7216-8186-3 (MCC bookstore)


Textbook (recommended) - Alexander s Care of the Patient in Surgery 14th or 15th edition (MCC bookstore)


Certification Exam (currently CSFA) must be taken to complete graduation requirements. In addition to the CSFA exam, students may also choose to take the CSA exam.)

$200 (not collected by the school-paid by student to the testing organization).

Suturing Kit & Tying Board (tying board can be obtained free from Ethcion & suturing instruments are often borrowed from student facility with permission). $50

Background check


Drug Screening


Liability Insurance ($11 per semester and is included in tuition bill)


TOTAL CERTIFICATE COST (projected, subject to change without notice)