Proctoring Center

What is a Proctored Exam?

Proctored exams are examinations taken under the supervision of a proctor who verifies picture identification & monitors the exam period.

  • Test proctoring services are available to all KCTCS students at no charge.
  • Upon arriving at the proctor site, students must present a government-issued, or KCTCS College picture ID. Students without the proper picture ID will not be permitted to take the exam.

Please consult the KCTCS Proctoring Resource student responsibilities page.

How Should I Schedule?

Non-KCTCS Students

Non-KCTCS courses which require proctored exams are required to schedule and pay a fee through the Assessment Center.

For more information regarding NON-KCTCS testing please contact the Assessment Center, 100 School Avenue, Madisonville, Kentucky, (270) 824-1701.

KCTCS Students

For Midterm Exams:

  • Students should email Beth Moore ( to schedule a midterm exam. Send all pertinent information in your request.
  • Use your KCTCS email address
  • North Campus only

For Final Exams:

    • All Final Exams are scheduled through the Self-Schedule Program.

Where Will I Take My Exam?


  • North campus students will begin at the JCD 130 (Proctoring Center) in the Joe C. Davis building (enter building, then turn Left).
  • Muhlenberg Campus Central City, KY students will test in computer room 202.


  • Verify with instructor (in class syllabus) all test requirements and restrictions.
  • Follow KCTCS Assessment Center rules and procedures while at center. The KCTCS Student Code of Conduct will apply at all times.
  • Communicate only with test proctor during exam no talking is allowed otherwise.
  • Bring only allowed materials (per the instructor) to test center. If other items are brought, they will be stored on the floor per the test proctor. Cell phones will be turned OFF in presence of proctor and stored with non-allowed items.
  • Do not bring food, drink, or any form of tobacco.
  • No guests or children during test proctoring. MCC cannot assume liability or responsibility for minors.
  • Leaving the test is only allowed for a bathroom break, which will be documented and reported to class instructor.

Please Note

  • For consideration of testing students Proctor Center incoming phone calls will not be accepted during testing periods.
  • For Inclement Weather: Check MCC website or appropriate media outlets for college closings.

For Faculty Use Only

Faculty members wanting to offer a proctored exam to students must submit a Proctored Exam Justification Request to their respective division chair, for further processing and approval.

  • Proctored Exam Justification Request available as a MS Word .DOC or form fill .PDF