What is Distance Education?

Hybrid Course

A hybrid course is both synchronous and asynchronous, employing elements of face-to-face, in-person instruction with web-based components. The degree of both will depend on the subject matter and is a matter of faculty discretion, but also is in alignment with commonly expected practice at this institution.

Online Course

Commonly referred to as "elearning", online courses at this institution do not require face-to-face, in-person presence in the class. All course requirements and content are accessible via an online platform. The platform used at this institution is Blackboard. The media used can vary depending on the course and the instructor. Some online courses also employ a synchronous component, such as Blackboard Collaborate, to create greater interaction between faculty and students in the course. This tool allows the course to remain a completely online course, but also allows for the personal interaction that is present in an on-campus course.