Physics and Astronomy Department

Physics is the science that involves the study of matter, energy, motion, force, space and time. Some of the topics of physics include mechanics, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, light and radiation, and the structure of atoms among others. Astronomy is a natural science that involves the study of celestial objects in the universe (such as planets, asteroids, stars, comets, star clusters, and galaxies) and phenomena that originate outside Earth s atmosphere.

The physics and astronomy department includes two full time faculty. Physics and astronomy courses at MCC are typically taught with interactive/activity sessions and hands-on laboratory sessions, and range from introductory classes that requires no or very little prior knowledge of the field; to application based classes that may require some prior knowledge of the subject and trigonometry. Classes are offered for science, applied technology, and pre-professional transfer students, for students of allied health areas, and also for non-science students. MCC physics faculty teach both introductory level and applied physics classes, and also classes in Astronomy. Some courses are also taught online.

Physics and Astronomy Faculty

Mike ShifflettDr. Mike Shifflett, Professor
Office: Joe C. Davis Building, Room 021
Phone: (270) 824-1842

Aseem TalukdarDr. Aseem Talukdar, Associate Professor
Office: Joe C. Davis Building, Room 001
Phone: (270) 824-1836