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Chemistry Department

Chemistry is the study of the nature, the properties, and the transformations of matter, all matter, all stuff. Thus, the concerns are the composition and characteristic behaviors of chemical substances, including their interactions leading to the formation of new forms at the expense of those taking part in the events. In the latter consideration, attention is focused upon the mechanism and nature of the change, upon the rate of change, and upon the redistribution of energy during the change. Physics, the study of the fundamental principles governing the structure and behavior of matter, the transfer of energy, and the interactions of matter and energy, is thus a closely related scientific realm. Chemistry and physics form the core of physical science, informing a myriad other disciplinary concentrations, and bringing us face-to-face with the fundamental knowledge, concepts, and understanding of nature, of the Earth and of the cosmos and of the workings of all that is there contained. There being no coherent description of nature absent the quantitative aspects, it is important to recognize the importance within that core body of knowledge of mathematics, which finds avenues of entry in both disciplines, perhaps the more pervasively in physics.

The knowledge gained through the study of chemistry opens many career pathways, from chemistry agricultural to environmental to forensic to medicinal to that of water. We are in direct contact with this pervasive relevance from waking to sleeping, from toiletries to an abundant food supply to pharmaceutical interventions for our ills to a welcome glass of water, drawn without thought for the luxury of its potability.

One fulltime member of faculty of the Division teaches chemistry courses for science, engineering, and preprofessional transfer students, for students of allied health areas, and for nonscience students. All courses include or are associated with practical and complementary laboratory experiences. Allied health students are also accommodated in an online teaching environment.

Chemistry Faculty

John LowbridgeDr. John Lowbridge, Associate Professor
Office: Joe C. Davis Building, Room 108
Phone: (270) 824-1835