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Student Profiles

Why should you attend a KCTCS college? Find out what inspired these students!

Every KCTCS student has an individual story about who they are and what their college experiences mean to them. Viewed together, these stories offer a good sense of what it is like to attend one of our colleges. We invite you to meet some of our students.


Ebony Nava framed by a sage green grunge background

Ebony Nava

Three years ago, I was a 21 year old with a second grade education. I had no transcripts, no record of standardized testing, and had just received custody of my six younger siblings. While I could read, I lived my life trying to hide a huge secret — I was dumb... or at least that's what I genuinely believed.

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Keneysha Rodney

A stay-at-home mother of two young daughters, Keneysha Rodney planned to earn her college degree when her children started school. But plans changed when she and her husband separated. She found a new home, a daycare and school for the kids, and a job for herself after not working for seven years.

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Sarah Webb

For Sarah Webb, Hazard Community and Technical College was the perfect choice. Being close to home and the affordable cost of tuition were just two reasons she wanted to attend. After enrolling, discovering how comfortable she was on campus was a reason she wanted to stay.

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