Retain Integrate Support Educate

The RISE Initiative is a set of programs that focuses on minority student programming. RISE program objectives are to Retain, Integrate, Support, and Educate minority students in their pursuit of an education. The RISE Initiative consists of three separate programs; Connect Program, Summer Boost Program, and Forward Transition Program.
These three programs work hand and hand to provide a seamless process from enrollment to graduation.
The following is a description of each program and its components:

CONNECT:    A high school college preparedness program that focuses on juniors and seniors preparing to enter college.

SUMMER BOOST PROGRAM:    An intense 3-week summer enrichment program geared towards interventions in reading, math, and student success.

FORWARD TRANSITION PROGRAM:    The transitions program focuses on reassuring minority student success by providing students with additional resources to aid them through their college journey.

Through the implementation of these programs our goal is to provide targeted access to resources that will aid in the persistence of minority students.