Placement Tests

In Fall 2001, the Kentucky Council on Post-secondary Education mandated placement testing be completed before admission into any state college. The purpose of this mandate was to better insure student success in college through appropriate placement in basic academic skills courses (reading, writing, and mathematics).

All students planning to attend Madisonville Community College are required to take the COMPASS test unless ACT scores exempt them. Students who do not meet minimum scores on any or all the ACT sections of English (minimum score of 18), reading (20), and/or math (19) will be required to take the COMPASS test for appropriate course placement.

The COMPASS test is a computerized test covering reading, writing and math. Students may take the full test or any individual section (reading, writing or math). The COMPASS assessment is not timed and students will receive their test scores immediately upon completion. The first COMPASS test is free. If you have taken the COMPASS test within the past five years, you will be charged $10.00 per section to retake individual sections or $20.00 to retake the entire test.

The ACT is a national test covering English, reading, math, and science with an optional writing component. To register online and find information about cost and testing sites visit:

To register for the COMPASS, contact the MCC Enrollment Center (270/824-8621).