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School Counts! Hopkins County, a community initiative partnering with Hopkins County Schools, the Madisonville-Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and area businesses, is a work ethic/scholarship program for all students enrolled at Dawson Springs High School, Hopkins County Central High School, and Madisonville North Hopkins High School.

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High school graduates completing the School Counts! program can earn up to $1,000 per semester for four semesters toward tuition at MCC. School Counts! funds will be awarded after financial aid and other scholarships (including KEES) have been applied to your account. You must achieve and maintain the program criteria and earn four consecutive program certificates in order to complete the program and be eligible to receive funds. You must also fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Students are automatically enrolled at the beginning of the freshman year and must successfully meet the following criteria each school year to remain in the program and earn a Work Ethic Certificate:

  • Maintain a minimum 95% attendance (includes all excused/unexcused absences and tardies with the exception of school-related activities)
  • Maintain a minimum 2.50 grade point average (GPA) each academic year
  • Take more than the minimum number of credits required for graduation
  • Complete high school in four years

The program requires no extra time commitment on the student’s part – just keep their grades up, go to school every day, and be on time. Attendance is one of the Dr. Rhoads at School Counts Parent Nighttop disqualifying factors. Parents can help by encouraging regular school attendance and by scheduling doctor, dental, and other appointments after school or on a non-school day. Program eligibility must be maintained each year. Throughout the high school years, School Counts! participants receive recognition at the annual reward breakfast and in congratulatory newspaper advertisements.

Enrollment in the School Counts! program is automatic at the beginning of your freshman year. An opt-out process is available for parents who do not wish for their student to be enrolled in the program. Transfer students from outside the county will have their eligibility evaluated according to established criteria.

For more information regarding School Counts!, please contact 

in Hopkins County:

Joyce Riggs
Director of Public Relations
Madisonville Community College
(270) 824-8581

Dawson Springs School Counts Seniors