Completing the Transfer

Apply for Admission

Contact the school you want to transfer to for specific requirements for admission. Most schools require the following:

  • Admission application
  • Transcripts from all colleges attended (including MCC). These must be official transcripts, meaning they are sent directly from school to school. See how to have your MCC transcript sent to other schools.
  • ACT scores if transferring with less than 24 credit hours (excluding developmental work).
  • High school transcripts only if transferring with less than 24 credit hours.
  • Any other materials required for selective admission programs.

Schools have different deadlines for admission, so contact your school for the correct deadline.

After you have applied, you will receive a letter of acceptance which will tell you when to come to campus to register. Usually, there will be an orientation day on which you will learn about the campus, meet with an advisor in your major who will help you plan your schedule and actually register. You may receive a copy of your transcript evaluation (credit that school will award you based on your work here at MCC or any other colleges) during the advising conference as well.

Apply for Housing

Even if you are planning to live off-campus, you are encouraged to apply for housing. You never know if your plan will fall through, and you do not want to be without housing when school starts.

Schools offer single, family and single parent housing options. Each school will provide you with a brochure describing all of their housing.

Usually housing plans come with a mandatory meal plan. This means you will deposit a set amount of money (usually $500 per semester) for you to draw from a debit card for meals at the various campus cafeterias and vending machines.

Fill out and sign the contract for housing. You will also be required to send in a deposit. The deposit will be refundable until sometime in the summer. Complete this process soon, to ensure you have a spot.