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Plus 50 Gets Older Adults Back to School—and Work

If you’re one of 37 million adults ages 25 to 64 who attended college but never received a degree—or one of millions more who need a new skill for a changing job market—Plus 50 can pave the way to completion. 

Through the Plus 50 Encore Completion Program, your local community college is providing programs and services that make it easier than ever for students over 50 to obtain the cutting-edge skills and credentials required to compete for jobs in the health care, education, and social services fields. 

Your community college offers support and flexibility to help you reach your goals, from choosing a course of study and scheduling classes to finding transportation and applying for financial aid.

You aren’t starting from scratch! plus50 graduate in cap and gown

Community colleges with Plus 50 programs have outlined best practices and core program elements that other community colleges can use to create a successful and sustainable program. 

  • Completing a degree or certificate is the key to opening new doors. Going back to school and earning your college degree or certificate in health care, education, and social services paves the way to opportunities for new jobs and career advancement.
  • Earning a degree or certificate is easier than ever. If you are thinking about getting your degree or certificate, you won’t be starting at square one. Under the Plus 50 Encore Completion Program, adult students can gain credits for past education and work experience.
  • It is a great time to come back. As the economy recovers, getting your degree or certificate can help increase your earning potential. The Plus 50 Encore Completion Program offers courses tailored to your needs, making it is easier than ever to finish what you started.
  • You have support. Community colleges offer the support and flexibility you need to reach your goals, from diverse courses of study and accommodating class schedules to help with financial aid.
  • You’re not alone. Thousands of plus 50 adults are heading back to community colleges to gain additional training, learn new skills, and complete their degrees or certificates in health care, education, and social services fields. 

Closer Than You Might Think

Madisonville Community College's Plus 50 program offers you certificate options close to home.

Medical Information Technology
Prepare medical records and reports, maintain files, order supplies, perform accounting procedures, transcribe medical documentation, work with medical insurance and coding, and receive patients in a variety of healthcare settings. Laboratory and classroom experiences are combined to prepare you for careers in healthcare facilities.

Human Services
The Human Services program prepares individuals for entry level positions in agencies and institutions which provide social, community, educational and mental health services.

Competing in today’s job market can be tough, especially for mature workers. If you have attended college but never finished or have always dreamed of completing a certificate or a degree, now is the time. The demand for an educated workforce in your community has never been greater.
College’s Plus 50 Encore Completion Program offers programs and support services tailored to the needs of adult learners over age 50.

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  • At community college you can:
  • Earn credit for previous education and work experience.
  • Enroll in affordable classes to earn credit toward a degree or certificate.
  • Take advantage of flexible scheduling.
  • Enjoy the positive and enriching education experience that college offers.

A college degree or certificate in the high-demand fields of healthcare, education, and social services can give you an advantage, increasing potential earning power, job security, and job satisfaction, and enabling you to give back to your community. Enroll today!

For More Information

To learn more, contact 

Savanna Garrity 
First Semester Experience Advisor for Plus 50

Beth Moore
Plus 50 Completion Coordinator