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Focus-2 is a free career planning and guidance system that can help you map out career and educational goals. Once registered, you can log on at anytime from any computer to explore and seek information to help you make the right education and career plan.

Why would you use Focus-2?

  • To assess your interests, skills, personality, values, and recreational activities
  • To discover occupational and educational options that are best for you
  • To map out your career and educational goals and plans
  • To explore and analyze career information
  • To plan a job search strategy

What does Focus-2 do?

Using self-assessment questionnaires, interest inventories, and personality testing, Focus-2 provides you with a complete picture of your interests, values, personality, skills, and leisure activities. The system searches its database to help you identify and analyze occupations and career paths that match your personal characteristics. The database contains information on nearly 1200 occupations and includes:

  • A job overview
  • Typical duties
  • Education and skills needed
  • Average earnings

How do you access Focus-2?

For more information on career planning, contact Chris Woodall, MCC Enrollment Center.