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Stanley Lewis Cultural Diversity Writing Contest now open for submissions

The Stanley Lewis Cultural Diversity Writing Contest is now open for submissions from elementary, middle, and high school students in our community, MCC students, and other community members.  Entries are due by February 4, 2013.

Sponsored by MCC, the Stanley Lewis Cultural Diversity Writing Contest is an annual event to honor Mr. Lewis, MCC's first African American faculty member.  Mr. Lewis was dedicated to meeting the needs of every student and provided genuine kindness, concern, and the best possible service for over 28 years.  He was an active member and Trustee at Eastview Baptist Church in Madisonville.  It is hoped that the contest will encourage students and the community to consider multiculturalism and diversity.  Contest submissions can be poems, essays, short stories, or any combination.

Prizes are provided by Eastview Baptist Church and the F. O. & Ernestine Baker Diversity Endowment.  Prizes are:  1st place - $500; 2nd place - $150; 3rd place - $50.  A $50 Elementary/Middle School Award will be given to the best submission form a public, private, or home schooled student. 

For more information, contact:

Cherry Berges, 270.824.8677,

Patricia Jewell, 270.824.8676,