The Learning Space Policies (Revised 8/25/14)

You agree to:

  • Maintain a quiet atmosphere. 
  • Keep cell phones on silent. 
  • Take phone calls outside.
  • Refrain from having food or drinks without lids at computer stations. 
  • Leave a clean work area – pick up your trash as you leave.

Computer Use:

  • Log off from your account when you are finished.
  • Keep printing to a 50 sheet maximum per semester.
  • Double-side print jobs where possible.
  • Print multiple slides of PowerPoints per page.
  • Follow the KCTCS Student Code of Conduct (which includes not accessing pornographic material). For more info, see KCTCS Student Code of Conduct


  • 30 minute and 1 hour appointments available – see desk attendant.
  • Drop-ins welcome in order of request.
  • Appointments have preference over drop-ins.
  • Study groups welcome.
  • Assistance only provided in the presence of the student (no dropping off of papers, etc).
  • The final work is the students’ responsibility.

Misuse of The Learning Space lab will result in loss of privileges.