The Learning Space Policies

Philosophy of Tutoring

It is our philosophy that the role of tutors is to help students become independent learners. To help in this process:

  • You should come prepared to the tutoring session, having read and attempted to complete the assignment.
  • You must be present to work with your tutor on assignments. Papers may not be dropped off for proofing. First drafts of written assignments will not be discussed on the day the completed assignment is due.
  • You should adhere to the academic dishonesty policies outlined in the KCTCS Student Code of Conduct. Tutors will not complete assignments for you; the final product is always your responsibility.

Atmosphere/Physical Setting

The Learning Space is a place for study and learning, we ask that you:

  • work and talk quietly.
  • keep cell phones on silent and refrain from making calls in The Learning Space.
  • refrain from eating or placing food and drinks near the computer stations.
  • leave a clean work area for other students.
  • refrain from use of tobacco in any form.

Tutoring Appointments

In order to help us effectively assist you, we ask that you:

  • schedule a personal, one-hour appointment for a specific day—up to two days a week.
  • make your tutoring appointment at least one day in advance.

To maintain an orderly schedule, we follow these guidelines:

  • Students with appointments will always have preference over drop-in students.
  • Students who are willing to work as a group may drop-in for shared tutoring time.
  • Tutors will wait for ten minutes for late arrivals to scheduled appointments—after that time, the appointment will be canceled, and other students will have priority.
  • Students who fail to attend or cancel two scheduled appointments must attend tutoring sessions on a drop-in basis only.

Computer Use

The computers in The Learning Space are subject to the college’s computer use policies. Students who need to use computers for educational/study purposes always take priority over those who are using the computer for entertainment. Students should always log off from their personal account in order to avoid accountability for other students’ site visits. You may print up to 100 pages per semester. Your printing capability will be disabled once you reach this limit.