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Surgical First Assistant Projected Program Cost

PROJECTED COST FOR THE CERTIFICATE OPTION: (Please note, these are projected costs and are subject to change without notice.)

Tuition KYVU On-line courses - $155 per credit hour (may increase without notice. See website for cost information)
1st Semester (Fall) – 9 credit hours
2nd Semester (Spring) – 6 credit hours
3rd Semester (Summer) – 1 credit hour


Textbook (required) - Essentials of Surgery by Becker ISBN: 13 978-0-7216-8186-3 (MCC bookstore or online)


Textbook (recommended) - Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery 14th or 15th edition (MCC bookstore or online)


Certification Exam (currently CSFA) must be taken to complete graduation requirements.

$200 (not collected by the school-paid by student to the testing organization).

Background check


Drug Screening


Liability Insurance ($11 per semester and is included in tuition bill)


TOTAL CERTIFICATE COST (projected, subject to change without notice)