Dual Enrollment

The condition of graduation from high school may be waived for a student currently enrolled in high school. High school students are subject to all MCC admission and registration policies, including assessment and course placement guidelines based on placement test scores. Applicants enrolled in high school must submit the following: 

  • Completed Early Admission Form
  • ACT or PLAN scores
  • High school transcript
  • Written recommendation from the high school guidance counselor

Unlike dual credit, students taking courses on a dual enrollment basis are charged full tuition.

Dual enrollment, either for in person or online classes, can be an excellent option for home school students or those enrolled in a private high school.

Registration will be withdrawn by Madisonville Community College if the applicant fails to file credentials or fails to meet eligibility criteria. Payment of all tuition and fees, when applicable, is still required. Students under age 18 must have a parent / guardian signature.