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[00:00:02.59] At ACE2  
[00:00:03.34] we can help you   
[00:00:04.50] become a GED graduate.  
[00:00:06.67] With the help of the   
[00:00:07.55] Felix Martin Foundation  
[00:00:08.59] the incentives  
[00:00:09.51] for getting your GED   
[00:00:10.47] are better than ever.  
[00:00:11.47] Residents of Muhlenberg County  
[00:00:13.14] will now receive  
[00:00:14.14] a free $250 check  
[00:00:16.52] FREE!  
[00:00:17.39] Just for completing the GED.  
[00:00:19.35] With free onsite GED testing  
[00:00:21.44] and free GED prep classes  
[00:00:24.36] ACE2 is here to help you succeed  
[00:00:26.74] Off the bypass,  
[00:00:27.78] near Powderly, next to  
[00:00:29.03] the Senior Citizens Center. [00:00:31.03]

Adult Education

ACE2 (Adult Centers for Educational Excellence) is a training and educational program dedicated to providing educational and workforce training for the citizens of Hopkins and Muhlenberg counties. Three Locations that are multi-service facilities in every sense of the word are reaching out to serve their respective communities. Raising the level of education in the community increases the quality of the workforce.


To provide the training necessary for area residents to become the best trained and certified workforce in high performance companies located in Hopkins and Muhlenberg counties.

Meeting needs

People from all walks of life come through the doors of ACE2. Whether it’s the young mom or dad who had to drop out of high school, or the student who just can’t get those COMPASS scores up to be admitted to college, or the laid off factory worker who needs to hone his or her skills to change their career direction, ACE2 is there to meet all these needs. Recognizing each person’s individual goals and striving to accomplish those goals, is what our qualified instructors are about. Our friendly staff prides itself in one-on-one instruction, for those who need it, so our students don’t get lost in the crowd. Determining the best form of instruction whether it’s individual, internet, classroom, or group instruction is placed in the instructors’ hands. ACE2 is an innovative approach and has a very multi-faceted purpose. Come in and talk to us. It won’t cost you a thing because all services are free!

Services provided

  • GED preparation and pre-GED testing
  • COMPASS and ASSET remediation
  • Employment TABE testing and remediation
  • Resources for improving basic employment foundation skills, such as: reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Self-paced learning programs, accessible through the internet
  • Self-study books, multimedia materials, and videos
  • Targeted WorkKeys instruction in Reading and Math
  • One-on-one literacy instruction

Study Options

  • Structured classes
  • Individualized instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • 24/7 internet-based instruction

Course Options

ACE2 offers tutoring and remedial assistance to students who will soon take the:

  • GED test
  • TABE test for employment
  • COMPASS and ASSET testing for postsecondary enrollment

For More Information

Cris Crowley
(270) 824.1818

Denyse Bennett
(270) 824.1821