MCC Business Synergy Lab
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Business Synergy Lab

SYNERGY is the simultaneous action of separate agencies which, together, have greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects.
Harvard Business Review states that in the present policy context of globalization and international trade, most of the alternative efforts to fight unemployment and generate economic growth are focused at the community rather than global level. "Think global and act local." This means acting at the community level and fostering economic, social and cultural growth.

We believe that the Madisonville Community College’s Business Synergy Lab can be a critical element in moving our community forward and fostering economic growth. The strategic outcomes of the lab would be:
  • To create successful students possessing sufficient hands-on knowledge to be assets to local industries and businesses while also possessing ample confidence to be innovative and creative in their own potential business
  • To demonstrate effective training and skill sets so that students can be utilized to train outside businesses in customizable sessions,
  • To create accessible certificate credentials for other programs within the college,
  • To produce a student-run enterprise that can be profitable and sustain the lab in the future.
  • To enhance partnerships with outside businesses for support and to increase opportunities for student internships,
  • To promote a work-ready community and be a critical part in the certification of our workforce,
  • To promote entrepreneurship within our community and offer training to potential or current entrepreneurs,
  • To support small and medium sized enterprise and encourage the formation of new enterprise,
  • To host Entrepreneurship conferences and Business Plan competitions for Western Kentucky (currently hosting at Hopkinsville this year), and
  • To foster relationships with current economic development offices and create a connection between the different resources available to small businesses.
Revitalizing an economy and a community begins with the empowerment of its people. Entrepreneurship is broadly defined and is used to describe the creative passion of individuals and teams with a purpose, a plan, a commitment and the support for implementing the plan.

Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide a premier learning experience in business that emphasizes student-centered learning and an entrepreneurial mind-set which involves innovative thought and openness to new ideas.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to place the Business Synergy Lab at the center of our community’s small business outreach programs and to be the hub of our business student’s educational activities inside and outside of the classroom. We are committed to offering a challenging academic curriculum that provides personalized attention, enhances lifelong learning, values creativity and innovation, and nurtures professionalism, social responsibility and integrity.