Mathematics Department

The mathematics department at MCC includes six experienced faculty members dedicated to student success. We offer a wide variety of mathematics courses that prepare the student for graduation or for transfer. All developmental courses on the North Campus are taught through the Math Emporium model of instruction while our upper level courses are taught via the traditional lecture format. Online classes are available as well. Our goal is to prepare the student to think mathematically, as well as offer preparations for higher level math. We hope to continue to add courses as the demand arises. Currently, the math courses offered at MCC are as follows:

Basic Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
Business Math
Applied Math
College Algebra
Technical Algebra and Trigonometry
Brief Calculus
Calculus I
Calculus II
Math for Elementary Teachers I and II

If you are interested in any of these courses, or if you would like to see if a course can be added to the list, please contact an MCC math instructor below.

Mathematics Faculty

Tate Bennet, Professor
Tate Bennet

Office: Joe C. Davis Building, Room 006
Phone: (270) 824-1829(270) 824-1829

Dawn Tillen, Professor

Dawn Tillen
Office: Joe C. Davis Building, Room 102
Phone: (270) 824-1830(270) 824-1830



Shari Davis, Associate Professor

Shari Davis
Associate Professor
Office: Joe C. Davis Building, Room 109
Phone: (270) 824-1838(270) 824-1838


Katrina Florea, Assistant Professor

Katrina Florea
Assistant Professor
Office: Joe C. Davis Building, Room 101A
Phone: (270) 824-8568(270) 824-8568


Elyssa Lear, Professor

Elyssa Lear
Office: Shaver Educational Center, Room 103
Phone: (270) 824-1834(270) 824-1834

Patricia Fouse, Instructor

Patricia Fouse
Office: John H. Gray Building, Room 201