Mathematics & Sciences Division

The Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Madisonville Community College provides a varied schedule of classes to support the academic careers of its diverse students.

The Mathematics department supports students at all skill levels, through offerings in developmental math and basic algebra to prepare you for courses such as college algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Our spacious Math Emporium Lab gives is a central location where you can receive individualized, self-paced instruction in a friendly, supportive environment.

The Natural Sciences department offers a broad range of courses, from physical science classes such as astronomy and chemistry to courses in the life sciences, such as biology and anatomy. Our laboratory experiences, both in and out of the classroom, provide you with hands-on experiences and practical applications to prepare you for future courses and careers.

Our division works closely with MCC and the community to prepare you to achieve your academic and career goals. We strive to help you become a self-motivated, active learner skilled in communicating, problem-solving, and working cooperatively. All of our courses emphasize critical thinking, high expectations, and student success.

Students who are interested in math and science are encouraged to join Students Investigating Math and Science (SIMS). Find out more on the MCC Activities and Organizations page.


John LowbridgeDr. John Lowbridge, Division Chair
Office: Joe C. Davis Building, Room 108
Phone: (270) 824-1835

Carol MintonCarol Minton, Division Assistant
Office: Joe C. Davis Building, Room 104
Phone: (270) 824-1845